Thursday, May 01, 2008

RealAcad Venture Management Program

Each year RealAcad Venture Management Program carefully selects top students and young professionals from around the world to take part in a one week camp with an international team of leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and top management consultants.

RealAcad's mission is to "train every future global leader." One of the ways it connects to these leaders is by making scholarship funds available to select organizations whose members are accepted into the program.

RealAcad has decided to provide a USD500 discount for ReComers who are interested to take part. If you are interested to take part, do let me know, so that I can submit your name to them.

For more info, go to RealAcad .

Personally, it seems very beneficial. The only thing is that it is quite costly. USD2,750 for a week of program or USD4,000 for 2 weeks of program. Even with USD500 of discount, that's still USD2,250 for a week of program or USD3,500 for 2 weeks of program.

But looking at the credentials of the trainers, it might be worth it. 2 Malaysians have been there. Goh Jing Pei and Chong Joon Chye. As of now, 107 people have been to the camp or are faculty there! You can have your face here too!

Do look at the credentials of the advisors and trainers too! here

The upcoming camp dates:-
2008 Program Calendar

Location Duration Dates Theme
Singapore 1 week 30 June - 05 July Create a Global Venture
Boston 1 week 28 July - 02 Aug Challenge Your Limits
Stanford 1 week 11 Aug - 16 Aug Venture Deep into Silicon Valley
Singapore 1 week 08 Dec - 13 Dec Realize the Impossible

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Anonymous said...

Have you been through the program? Do you know anyone who has? What did they say about it?

Jing Pei said...

Hi there

I was in RealAcad Shanghai 2006. If you wish to know more about the programme, please feel free to drop me an email at or
Speak soon!

Jing Pei

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Whoever wish to know about the programme please drop me an email at, I will tell you how is the programme looks like and what can you expect from the camp. Think twice before you apply