Thursday, May 29, 2008

Malaysia's Internet Startup Community

Joel Neoh (founder of YouthMalaysia and Khailee from theCICAK are teaming up to set up a community.

Read the following!


Title: Is it POSSIBLE?

Young Malaysians are taking the first step towards building Malaysia's
own Silicon Valley…

...not via the buildings and infrastructure, rather by building the
community from grassroots!

A series of events, trainings, and exciting internet ventures are in
store for

* Aspiring web developers and web designers
* Experienced, competent web application developers
* Internet entrepreneurs a first step towards building up the local internet startup

The movement begins at

If you know any web application developers, programmers, or web
designers, CONNECT THEM to the community.

Send to them.

Forward this email to your friends!

Help connect them with the internet startup community and help
Malaysia build it's own Silicon Valley from the ground up.

Many thanks in advance.


Lighthouse Malaysia Volunteers.

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Would encourage any of my blog readers to share with me any event that you come across. As long as the event/activity/initiative is education/charity/youth oriented and is not-for-profit, I would be more than happy to post it to share!

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