Thursday, May 08, 2008

JPA Scholarships Info Out Next Week

Thanks a lot to my blog reader for highlighting this. I have blogged on this topic earlier here .

Hopefully, the new development would be good.

The article fully quoted from NST is here

Info on scholarships to be out next week

PUTRAJAYA: Parents seeking information on the government scholarships for students who scored at least 9As in last year's Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia can find it in major newspapers by the middle of the month.

The Public Service Department said it would take out advertisements with detailed information on the government scholarships.

A PSD official said those who had already started Form Six or matriculation could still apply for them.

"Students can also apply on-line but at the moment, the Internet forms are not ready.

"Information on how to apply online will also be mentioned in the newspaper advertisements.

Last Friday, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan announced that the government had decided to increase the number of scholarships.

Since then, parents have bombarded the NST with phone calls seeking more information.

Some asked whether their their children studying in private universities and colleges were also eligible.

The initial announcement said those eligible were students who scored 9As and above in the 2007 SPM examination, regardless of economic background.

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