Saturday, May 24, 2008

P&G Business Challenge 2008 - Launch

Thanks Alia for sending this link via Facebook.

P&G is organizing a P&G Business Challenge to target students in their final year of universities. Ideally, students who would graduate in 2009.

Quoting from their Facebook page
"Must attend if you want to join P&G Business Challenge!

P&G Business Challenge Launch-Test-Interview Event on June 23 (11am to 4pm):
1. Launch P&G Business Challenge 2008 to students
2. Short talk on "Why join P&G and the consumer goods industry?"
3. For interested students to sit for the Problem Solving Test (PST)
3. Screening Interviews to be selected for the Business Challenge 2008 - only those who passed PST and online test.

There will be free food, learn about P&G as the world's largest consumer goods company and as a prospective employer."

Their facebook page is here

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