Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Frustrated with Quality of iZZi

After being very frustrated with iZZi over a long period of time, I really feel that I should be grumpy, and blog very negatively about it.

The internet quality is just very unbearable. I have wasted more than 1 hour trying to open my Gmail, and even though I shut down all browsers, except for Gmail, it is still loading so slow, and often after getting into inbox, I can't go anywhere.

Very sorry for those who have emailed me, as I am really suffering through this horrendous internet quality from iZZi.

This doesn't happen just today. I have been very patient with them. Making tons of complaints to them, but nothing gets corrected. They are very good at shutting their call center at night, so people like me, who used internet at night, cannot call them.

I have been trying to load my blog, and that also takes ages. It is just horrendous and very unreliable internet services.

Unfortunately, a stupid me have paid them one year in advance, so they are happily reaping the rewards.

I know that at some places, the quality of iZZi is bearable, but at a lot of buildings, the internet quality is unbearable. At Bricksfield, my internet is practically not working at all. It is so slow that it frustrates me a lot.

I tried to download and guess what the downloading speed is like 500 per second. You think it is kb. Nope..... It is byte. It is what age already, and iZZi is delivering such horrendous speed.

Its internal indicator is showing tons of fictitious speed, but the point is I can't even surf internet.

It has been 1.5 hours already. I have just managed to open and see my 1st email. Posting this blog post also has been taking forever!!!!!!!!!!

So, to all of you who are considering iZZi, do really make sure you try iZZi at where you are going to use internet, and not get cheated by them at trying the connections at those areas outside the road.

To iZZi, if you are seeing this and you do not believe the quality of internet is horrendous, please contact me and I'll show you! (I have made a number of complaints at your call center and they have promised tons of times to contact me back, but till today, I have not gotten any call from iZZi)

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Anonymous said...

Chen Chow, I think you can make a complaint here


Haha. Sounds really frustrating. Poor you. And I thought Nilai connection was bad. Lol but i'm home now :) Hopefully your connection gets better.

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for your sharing! Appreciate it!

hhhcce said...

Forgive me but this is the first negative post in your blog.

Chen Chow said...

Sorry for doing that, but just that there is limit in my patience with iZZi on the quality of internet.

Actually, I blogged negatively on iZZi before a few months ago.

Miss Lime said...

Hi Chen Chow. Stumbled upon this piece and I have to say I agree with you. After one year of subscription with iZZi, and not to mention it was expensive, paid more than RM1k for a year. At the end, all I get was lousy service. Cobwebs would have formed while waiting for the pages to load... and this is SS2 PJ we are talking about.