Tuesday, May 27, 2008

JPA US Scholarships

Students who successfully obtain JPA Scholarships are informed in these two days of the country that they were being sent, as well as the course and where they would be doing their preparatory program.

So, these days, ReCom.org is definitely a hive of activity there. To all those of you from SPM 2007, who successfully gotten JPA Overseas Scholarships (or other scholarships for that matter), hope that you could share your contact at ReCom Scholarship Infobase .

This year, for those who got into US Program, they are being sent to INTEC, Inti, as well as Taylor's. Seems like a lot more are being sent to Inti.

As of now, from ReCom.org, I manage to find the following are those who got into US Program.

hikaru - Inti - Econ
wyarn - Inti
kaera - Inti - Computer Science/IT
eM-syaph - INTEC - biotech
smile! - Inti - Actuarial Science
onejun - inti - econ
milogal - Inti - psychology
passOUT - Taylor's - Arts & Humanities
qwerkie - intec - engineering
abyssesour - Inti - economics
insertusername - Taylor's - Arts & Humanities
xiaobailong - inti - computer science
chen622 - Inti - Actuarial science
ntyf - Inti - Econ
989Lee - Business Administration
castle - Inti - Engineering
Beatles - Inti - Engineering
Josh Loo - INTEC
GunbladerQ - INTEC
Jeryliza - Inti

Please post your questions at ReCom - US Bound thread.

Congratulations! Hope that you guys would try your best to be at USA For Students , an American Universities Education Fair at Wisma MCA on 14th June 2008 10am to 4pm. 40+ US Universities would be there, including 7 of the 8 Ivy League.

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