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NST Sudoku Tournament Champion for 2007

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LIM VEE LOON, 18, was the under 18 Champion in the NST Sudoku Tournament 2007. An SPM student, last year, at SMJK Chung Hwa, Klang, he received RM 3,000, a handsome cash prize. This was his best performance, following a series of previous wins in various local competitions; but very few in Malaysia would know that he has moved on from Classic Sudoku, to solve the many variations of Sudoku played in the World Sudoku Championships.

He participated in the Polish International Online Sudoku Championship held in March 2007. Participants from 22 countries were given 11hours 30 minutes to solve 8 puzzles online real-time, consisting of Sudoku Variations. Vee Loon was placed 25th out of 207 participants, completing all the puzzles in a time of 2h 12m 29s. This was a very creditable performance and our congratulations to Vee Loon on his initiative and grit, to venture into un-chartered waters.

This year he timed himself off-line, while solving the puzzles used in Sudoku Masters 2008, for selecting the Indian National Team for the 3rd WSC, and returned good times, close to the times of the candidates selected. We have been in touch with Vee Loon for the last two years and we believe that he is a person** to watch on the Malaysian Sudoku Scene.

Vee Loon has been regularly playing Sudoku, online. His favourite websites are sudoku-league,, and sudokuhints, since he was introduced to Sudoku by the Sin Chew Daily in October 2005.

We also want to hear from others in Malaysia who have been attempting the previous WSC puzzles).

Others Champions to watch are, Adrian Wong, Thong May Han, Lim Fong, Suganthi Ramasamy, Lim Kar Gee, Esther Fong, and Adapa SaiKiran who are known to us. We hope to do profiles on the above and others, as and when we get the opportunity to interview them.

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