Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sudoku Clinic by Jeff Keow

This could be a good Sudoku clinic for everyone to attend! It is by Jeff Keow from Malaysia Sudoku Society!

Hi Malaysian Sudoku Society Members,

I am pleased to let you know that one of our members, Mr Jeff Keow,
will be conducting a Sudoku Clinic this Sunday. Details as follows:

Time : 3.00pm
Date : 4th May, 2008 (Sunday)
Venue : MPH Mid Valley Megamall
Topic : Solving 5-Star Sudokus

As many of you are already aware, in 2006 Jeff authored a powerful
book on how to solve Sudoku puzzles, entitled 'THINK OUT OF THE
BLOCK WITH SUDOKU'. This Sunday's talk is based on this book.
You are welcome to bring any Sudoku puzzles that you cannot solve,
and have them solved during or after the clinic.

By the way, if you are aware of any Sudoku event in town, please
drop me a line, and I can then make an announcement to all
members vis email.

Best regards,
Lee Yee Dian
Malaysia Sudoku Society

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Would encourage any of my blog readers to share with me any event that you come across. As long as the event/activity/initiative is education/charity/youth oriented and is not-for-profit, I would be more than happy to post it to share!

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