Sunday, April 19, 2009

US Applications Guides - Urging All to Write & Share

With many have gotten into their dream universities and the celebration has been done, I would like to urge you to write down your advises, sharings, motivations, inspirations that hopefully can educate, guide, share with the future applicants.

Some of them have written and shared their application processes, struggles, advices, tips, experiences etc. Really appreciate it!

1. U.S. Applications 3-Day Workshop

2. General US Applications Guide - for USA For Students

3. Andrew Loh's Why Study in America

4. Gabrielle (Wellesley College)

5. Su Ann (Columbia University) - Part 1

6. Su Ann (Columbia University) - Part 2

7. Charis Loke (Brown University)

8. Charis Loke (Brown University) - On Application Essays

9. Boon Jim (Cornell University)

10. Andrew Loh (Swarthmore College)

11. Andrew Loh (Swarthmore College) - For the Kiamsiap: How to save money in US college applications

12. - SAT Vocabulary

13. - The Worldwide Malaysian Students Network

14. College

15. SAT Score Analysis (Using Thai Case Studies)

16. (SAT Test)

17. TOEFL Test

18. Common Applications

19. US News Ranking of US Universities

20. Times Higher Education Supplement Ranking of World Universities

21. Common Data Set (Prepared by Xianjin)

22. How to Make Full Use of University Life

23. Admit Rate of Class of 2013

24. (SAT Words Practice)

If you come across any other write-ups or useful resources for U.S. Applications, do let me know, so that I can consolidate here.

Am calling all those Class of 2013 who have gone through the application process, to write and share. Do hope that you will share it through various platforms - your blog/website, forum, and I'll definitely be more than happy to share what you have written here too.

Would also strongly encourage all of you who have gone through the process to go back to your alma mater (high school, preparatory program) to share on what you know and guide the younger batch.

Lets hope that we can all work together to stimulate the applications and admission rate next year!

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Andrew Loh said...

Assalamualaikum Chen Chow! One more link, sifu:

For the Kiamsiap: How to save money in US college applications

Chen Chow said...

Thanks, Andrew! Posted! :)

Michael Chow said...

Hey Chen Chow,

Philip is editing the video recording of our HELP US education seminar. It should be ready in a week or so.(considering the amount of free time he has....) We also have the slides waiting to be uploaded.

Tara made an excellent presentation on writing application essays. Its so superb and complete, you can't help but fawn over it.

Michael Chow said...

Also, don't forget Xian Jin's excel table on US colleges Financial Aid policies. I recall you posting it up before.

Chen Chow said...

Great! Once those slides are uploaded, do let me know the link. Will link it.

Great to hear that Tara did an excellent presentation! :) Did she present with some slides or without slides at all?

Yes. Will look for Xian Jin's link and post it up.