Sunday, April 12, 2009

Project What's After SPM

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Would like to credit Gabrielle Chong Yong Wei, Tara Thean, Kimberley Ho, Charis Loke, Goh Jing Pei for this project.
If you are between 18-35, do submit your entries at .
THERE is a world of opportunities beyond college and university open to school-leavers after their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

And a group of young go-getters is hoping to inspire students with tales of successes, failures and everything in between.
Organising committee member Yeoh Chen Chow says the group is seeking young people to write about their experiences after SPM which it intends to compile for a book called What's After SPM?.

"Many of us realised that some are fortunate they knew what they could do after SPM," he says.

Others, however, cannot imagine life beyond secondary school.

The point of the book, Yeoh adds, is not to tell run-of-the-mill stories of entering college or university but to inform about other paths people have chosen to pursue after school.
The group has received narratives of travels in exotic locales and bold business ventures, for instance.

"We hope that the book will reach every school library in Malaysia to give students the inspiration to pursue whatever they want."

There is no "best" or "right" route to take after school; any course can be good if you make the best of it and remain passionate about what you do.

As this is a community service project, none of the participants, project committee members and project advisers will receive any form of royalty or payment.

A fund-raiser will be held to collect money for the project and excess funds will go towards distributing the books to students and secondary schools for free.

So far 53 entries have been sent in and the group is confident that the target of 100 will be reached by the April 30 deadline.

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