Thursday, April 02, 2009

Updated Admission Decision - 2nd April 12:45am

Sorry for not having updates for hours. Was working and clearning through all the emails from all of you. :)

Some of the latest admit decisions that I got and have green light to post (I do not repeat those that I have posted earlier)!

Congratulations to Sharon Teng for getting admitted for Harvard University, with wait listing for Wharton Business School University of Pennsylvania, wait listing for Stanford University and wait listing for University of Chicago!

Congratulations to Elaine Leong Li Jing for getting admitted to Class of 2013 for Princeton University, Brown University, Middlebury College and Swarthmore College, with wait listing from Columbia University!

Congratulations to Jee Ian for admission to Princeton University, Cornell University and University of California, Berkeley for Class of 2013!

Congratulations to Hui Juin for admission to Wharton Business School University of Pennsylvania, with wait list from Cornell University and Princeton University.

Congratulations to Si Ning for getting admitted to my alma mater - Cornell University!

Congratulations to Wui Yarn for getting admitted to John Hopkins University and Carnegie Mellon University!

Congratulations to Raymond for getting admitted for Master's Program at Johns Hopkins University!

Congratulations to Mark Wong for getting admitted to Carnegie Mellon University and wait listing for Stanford University!

Congratulations to Ian Low for getting admitted to Wabash College, with waitlisting from Middlebury College.

Congratulations to Carmen for her triple waitlisting at Yale University, Cornell University and Columbia University.

Congratulations to Joyce for her double waitlisting at Cornell University and Columbia University

Congratulations to Tee Jin for Stanford University wait listing.

Congratulations to Marisha Naz for Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania wait listing.

Congratulations to Sher Minn for Cornell University wait listing.

Congratulations to Lee Kiat for Carnegie Mellon University wait listing.

Congratulations to Amelia Lee for Middlebury College wait listing.

Hope that all those of you who are on wait-listing and desire to study there, could manage to transform your wait list into actual admission!

To all of you who didn't manage to get into any of your dream university, hope that you are fine. It is very touching when I receive emails from a few of you thanking me for my help, even though you didn't get in. With your positive attitude, I am sure you can go far in life. Do treat this application process, as a learning and keep on developing yourself.

To all those who got in, do make full use of the opportunities!

The listing as I know (If there is any error/mix up, do let me know. Sorry in advance if that happens):-

Berkeley - Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Jayson Poon, Jie Min, Wern Chia, Nellie, Katherine, Si Ning, Jee Ian, ZJ (PhD)

Boston - Clarys Chan Lai Wah

Brown - Charis Loke (Early Decision), Jonathan Chua, Elaine Leong plus 1 more (Wait List: Plus 1 more)

Caltech - Zhi Kin, Suk Sien plus 1 more, ZJ (PhD)

Carnegie Mellon - Bernard Cheng, Michael Chow, Mark Wong, Wui Yarn plus 2 more (Wait List: Lee Kiat, Plus 1 More)

Columbia - Kristin Khor (Master's) plus 1 more (Master's), Suelynn (Wait List: Tara Thean, Gabrielle, Kenneth Hiew, Joyce, Carmen, Elaine Leong plus 2 more)

Cornell - Chang Ha and Boon Jim (Early Decision), Pei Xin (PhD), Pei Yee (Master's), Raymond (Master's), Yin Wei, Wen Jun, Bryan Chong, Si Ning, Jee Ian (Wait List: Sher Minn, Joyce, Carmen, Hui Juin plus 1 more)

Dartmouth - (Wait List: Gabrielle, Yin Wei)

Georgetown - Raymond (master's)

Harvard - Yin Wei, Sharon Teng (Wait List: Tara Thean)

Johns Hopkins - Katherine, Carmen, Bernard, Jonathan, Wui Yarn, Raymond (Master's)

Middlebury - Elaine Leong (Wait List: Gabrielle, Ian Low, Amelia Lee)

MIT - Yi Hui, Hew Mun (Master's of MIT Sloan and Harvard Med School Dual-Degree), ZJ (PhD)

Northwestern - Wui Yarn, Carmen, Jie Min, Tee Jin, Bernard plus 3 more (Wait List: Sher Minn, Katherine plus 2 more)

NYU - Soraya, Hui Juin, Xiao Shan, Joyce (Wait List: Khye Theng, plus 1 more)

Olin - Philip Loh

Princeton - Tara Thean, Kai Sheng, Jee Ian, Elaine Leong (Wait List: Hui Juin)

Stanford - Kimberley Ho (Early Action) plus 1 more (Master's), ZJ (PhD), Tara Thean, Zhi Kin, Vin Nie (Wait List: Zi Liang, Bryan Chong, Mark Wong, Tee Jin, Sharon Teng)

Swarthmore - Elaine Leong

Tufts - Raymond (Master's)

UChicago - Raymond (Master's), Tzuo Hann (PhD), Yin Wei, Vin Nie, Hasan Hilmi (Wait List: Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Joyce, Sharon Teng plus 1 more)

UCLA - Jie Min, Wui Yarn, plus 1 more, ZJ (phD)

UPenn - Tzuo Hann (PhD), Zi Liang, Khye Theng, Xiaoshan, Hui Juin (Wharton) (Wait List: Sharon Teng (Wharton), Marisha Naz (Wharton) Plus 1 More)

Wabash - Ian Low

Washington (St. Louis) - Nellie

Wellesley - Gabrielle

Wesleyan - Abraham Ngu, Tara Thean

Williams - Hasan Hilmi (Wait List: Gabrielle)

Yale - (Wait List: Carmen)

Would use this to promote the seminar - . Do check it out!

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