Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Introducing PitchYourTalent.com

I just realize that I haven't made a blog post on a project that a team of us in JobStreet.com have been working very hard on recently . For those of you who know me and are in touch with me lately, I would have promoted this to you too!

It is regarding PitchYourTalent.com! A revolutionary way to help job seekers (I would call them talents here, since everyone is talented in a unique way) to promote themselves online and be searched and contacted by hiring managers and HRs.

Before this, hiring managers do not have a direct source to reach out to potential hire. Of course, they can do a google search, but it is going to be hard. They could have used Facebook, LinkedIn etc, but it would not ideally be for that purpose.

But PitchYourTalent.com is precisely for this reason!

Several of the main unique differentiation of PitchYourTalent.com is as follow:-
1. Let jobs search for you, instead of you searching for jobs.
2. Your talent profile is indexed by search engine and becomes visible to the whole internet world.
3. Your talent profile is visible to the world, immediately after setting it up.
4. Your talent profile will be visible not only to HR managers, but also to the departmental hiring managers.
5. You will get to decide how much information you provide in your talent profile - you get 100% control.

Since its official launch in Malaysia on 7th April 2009, Philippines on 20th April 2009, Singapore on 22nd April 2009, India and Indonesia on 27th April 2009, more than 30,000 talents have signed up at PitchYourTalent.com!

Before the start of this project, I would never have imagined that within the first 3 weeks, 30,000 people signed up for it! And they come from more than 85 countries! That's certainly amazing!

Would suggest that you check it out. Try to search for any key word, be it "Managing Director", "Manager", "Fresh Graduates", or the name of any specialization/industry/university, you should be able to find some talents.

And the database is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

It's free for signing up now. So, why wait? Go to PitchYourTalent.com !

This is a project that keeps me occupied for the last few weeks, so this project means a lot to me. Thanks for your support. Please kindly help to spread the words around too!

If you're on Facebook, please kindly help to join the fan group at Facebook.

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