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HPAIR Business Conference and HPAIR Academic Conference

Check out Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations (HPAIR) Business Conference and Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations (HPAIR) Academic Conference at .


The HPAIR 2009 Academic Conference:  Asia stands at crossroads in its
history. While its economic growth has surged ahead in recent years, poverty
and inequalities have persisted in many regions. Through the structure of
plenary sessions, the conference will explore the necessary steps to take to
support economic growth while managing societal challenges such as human and
civil rights, poverty, and health issues. Moreover, we will examine the
question of Asia's role in addressing these issues on a global level. The
conference seeks to advance discourse about Asia's future on the world stage
as well as to promote consideration of Asia's unique challenge of
reconciling past events with its current aspirations. How will cultural
traditions and social questions be addressed in Asia? What role will Asia
play in the energy and financial crises? The conference's workshops will
examine more closely Asia's different paths from interdisciplinary
perspectives, analyzing both Asia's past achievements and its upcoming
challenges.  Another highlight of this year's Academic Conference is the
opportunity to have a free, guided tour of Seoul by a professional tourism
company, Seoul Tourism Office.   While you are there, you can check out
everything that this historical and modern city has to offer: from ancient
loyal palaces to towering skyscrapers in the downtown financial center, from
Seoul's internationally acclaimed cuisine to its ubiquitous fashionable
stores.  As our sponsoring tourism company put it, "Seoul is an incredibly
large city overflowing with culture. Even those who have lived in Seoul all
of there life would be unable to discover all of the wonders it holds".

The HPAIR 2009 Business Conference: Since HPAIR continually strives to
innovate with each subsequent conference, we are introducing a number of new
and interactive events for this year's Business Conference. The conference
will feature a Business Competition, where delegates will be divided into
small groups to conceive innovative business strategies for a pre-assigned
business case.  Groups will present their ideas to judges throughout two
rounds, with four groups moving to the final round.  At the end of the
conference, the winning team members will be recognized with special
certificates, and will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ideas to
the rest of the conference attendees. This year's Business Conference will
also include an exclusive career fair, where delegates will have networking
opportunities with our sponsoring corporations through personal engagements
and presentations of the corporation's career options. All delegates will
have their resumes reviewed by our sponsorship companies, which include
Harvard Asian-related institutes. This extensive networking opportunity
could facilitate a wealth of internships and career opportunities in the
future.  We have every expectation that this year's conference will be both
intellectually and professionally stimulating.

At both the Academic and the Business Conference, preeminent speakers from
Harvard, politicians from various countries, and business executives from
numerous international firms will supplement panel and workshop discussions.
Previous speakers include: Former Presidents of the Republic of Korea Kim
Dae-jung and Kim Young-sam, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Harvard
Professors Jeffrey Sachs and Ezra Vogel, Prime Minister of Cambodia Prince
Norodom Ranariddh, Governor General of Australia the Right Reverend Peter
Hollingworth, Justice of International Criminal Court Song Sang-hyun,
Singaporean President SR Nathan, former President of Goldman Sachs Asia,
Philip Murphy, and CEO of Ayala Corporation, Jaime Zobel de Ayala II.  At
the 2009 Harvard Conference, we were fortunate to have accomplished speakers
such as: Harvard Professor Dale Jorgenson, who was the former president of
the American Economic Association; Jorge I. Dominguez, who is the chairman
of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies; Richard Cooper,
who is the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Regina M.
Abrami, who is the faculty chair of the Harvard Business School Immersion
Experience Program, and Terry Collingsworth, who is the executive director
of the International Labor Rights Fund.

Currently, we are in the process of extending speaking invitations to the
heads of state and other prominent government officials in the Republic of
Korea and Japan. Please check our website in the upcoming months for updated
speakers lists. As a delegate, you will not only have the opportunity to
interact closely with these leaders in their respective industries, but you
will also have the chance to befriend future leaders from around the world.
All delegates will have their resumes reviewed by our sponsorship companies,
which include the Harvard Asia-related institutes, Daimler AG, and other
companies. This extensive networking opportunity could facilitate a wealth
of internships and career opportunities in the future.

According to one HPAIR alumnus, "HPAIR conferences transformed my vision of
Asia.  I realized that most of what I had learned about Asia refreshed and
revised. HPAIR made me believe that I really need to broaden my vision of
the Asia Pacific, and I couldn't dream of a better way than doing this with
friends.  HPAIR made it happen!"

In that spirit, the HPAIR organizing committee strongly recommends that you
apply and register to the Academic and/or the Business Conference as soon as
you can, since admission is of a rolling process.  We are offering an early
discount, a group discount, and a special discount for those who attend both
the Academic and Business Conferences. You can read more about them below as
well as on our website at  We have also compiled several
notes that will facilitate your experience.  Please find them appended to
this message.  We encourage you to read through them carefully.

The staff of HPAIR looks forward to seeing you soon in Asia!


Public Relations Team

Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR)

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