Monday, April 13, 2009

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Md Zaher Mohamad

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Md Zaher Mohamad from Celcom Customer Service Insight Management, who passed away this morning at an accident at km 443, North South Highway.

Condolences to Zaher's family.

It is a pity that Zaher passed away so young through such cruel bus accident. It was a pleasure working with him during my days at Celcom project.
On bus accidents, it seems that nothing is learned from the past accidents. Lee Nian Ning, a JPA scholar, passed away in January 2008, due to bus accident and there was some hoo-haa back then, but seems we never learn from it.
It is sad that this is the 2nd time I lost a friend through a catastrophic bus accident.

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Anonymous said...

On behalf of zaher's friend, thanks a lot Chen Chow - Pak Tam