Thursday, April 16, 2009

A good friend of mine, Pei Chieng has published 2 articles at , with 1 more pending to be published. Am always inspired by how Pei Chieng is able to make full use of her time effectively and efficiently.

Pei Chieng is an alumna of Princeton, and she is one of the very few Ivy Leaguers that I know that would sleep 8 hours a day throughout her education. She hardly stays up till midnight or later. An impeccable discipline that I see in her. :)

Even these days, when she is working as a Management Consultant, she is able to sleep 8 hours a day or close to 8 hours a day, while still manage to get everything done. A very solid time management.

To all of you who are sleeping 2-4 hours a day in university or working life, you should follow Pei Chieng's footstep! :) Actually, I need too. LOL :)

Going back to the . Do check it out. It is a site where you can write an article and then post for it, and people can buy the rights to use it, have exclusive rights or fully own it! Or you can go there to request to buy articles too!

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taufiq said...

Thanks for sharing chenchow!

Btw, she sleeps 8 hours a day? Wow how does she do that!