Saturday, April 25, 2009

5th World Youth Congress Turkiye 2010

Would highly recommend everyone to apply who are between age 15-30 to apply for this prestigious 5th World Youth Congress in Turkey 2010 from 31st July to 13th August 2009.

I tried and failed to get it previously, but am going to give it my last shot. Since I will be over aged in the 6th World Youth Congress.

5th World Youth Congress Turkiye 2010 : is open for applications from youth aged 15-30 to take part in the 5th World Youth Congress to be held in Istanbul, Turkiye in August 2010.

Following up the success of the previous four congresses – in Hawaii, Morocco, Scotland and Quebec City, Canada, - the Turkey Congress will bring together 1000 of the world’s most active, most innovative young development enthusiasts + plus young journalists, artists, entrepreneurs and global educators. With a thousand delegates (800 from overseas, 200 from Turkiye) – this will be the biggest congress to date. Previous congresses have drawn delegates from more than 120 countries – and the Turkish hosts, aware that getting visas to enter Turkey is easier than for some of the other host countries, hope to welcome young delegates from over 150 countries.

Each Congress has pursued a specific theme: in Hawaii, the delegates were selecting ‘Priorities for the New Millennium’ – and came up with the innovative concept of Youth-led Development (YLD). In Morocco, the organisers focussed on the theme of Tolerance and Solidarity – and came up with the Casablanca Declaration on how young people can most effectively, assist their governments and the UN achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Scotland produced a ‘How To….’ Handbook on Youth-led Development, and Canada produced “A Celebration of Youth-led Development” – reporting on the massive progress that has been made in this field since we coined the term in Hawaii in 1999.

In Turkiye, the focus is on improving the mechanisms for evaluating YLD – including discussions of a Youth development and a Youth Empowerment Index. There will be a call for papers on this and other issues, including a debate on mobility in the proposed Union for the Mediterranean. Also, where in Hawaii, the Congress focussed on the spirit of ‘Aloha’ – the Turkish hosts want their young delegates to absorb and learn about the ancient Turkish practice of ‘Imece’ – a system of solidarity that brings harmony, joyfulness and a strong record of joint achievements to communities large and small.

Apply today to take part in the most important, most impactive and most fun event happening in 2010 for young people interested in expanding the role of youth in making poverty history and helping the UN to achieve its Millennium Development Goals.

For 11 days, you will work with 1000 of the world’s most active, most innovative young development enthusiasts + plus young journalists, artists, entrepreneurs and global educators. Age range: 15-30 year old.

Also – in a key feature of every World Youth Congress – you will spend 5 days in an impoverished part of Turkiye working with local youth on an Action Project. And you will get to visit the ancient city of Istanbul in its year as European Capital of Culture – and experience the extraordinary meeting point of Asian and European cultures.

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Anonymous said...

I want to apply for this congress.plz write me the application procedure.

Non occupied kashmir

Chen Chow said...

The link to the official website (where you can apply) is on my blog post. Do check it out and apply.

john mutinda said...

This a wonderful opportunity for me as a peace keeper .am glad i plan to attend ......give me the chance.
John Mutinda

Anonymous said...

hey, I have applied and been accepted, it is really exciting. A really great opportunity.
Maybe \i will see you there