Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Admits from Malaysia

Congratulations to the following admits and wait lists:-
Sean Chang, Vichian, Muhd. Amin - united states merchant marine academy admit
Xianjin - Villanova School of Business admit
Ahmad Abrar - CMU admit and NYU wait list
Katherine - CMU admit, cornell wait list
Ian - Colby Wait list
Renuhaa - UPenn admit, CMU admit, Northwestern admit
Jamie - UPenn admit, CMU admit, Northwestern admit

For full list (based on those whom I know):-

Berkeley - Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Jayson Poon, Jie Min, Wern Chia, Nellie, Katherine, Si Ning, Jee Ian, ZJ (PhD)

Boston - Clarys Chan Lai Wah

Brown - Charis Loke (Early Decision), Jonathan Chua, Elaine Leong, N. Sharmala, Alison Lo plus 2 more (Wait List: Plus 1 more)

Caltech - Zhi Kin, Suk Sien plus 1 more, ZJ (PhD)

Carnegie Mellon - Bernard Cheng, Michael Chow, Mark Wong, Wui Yarn, Katherine, Ahmad Abrar, Renuhaa, Jamie plus 2 more (Wait List: Lee Kiat, Plus 1 More)

Colby - (Wait List: Ian)

Columbia - Kristin Khor (Master's) plus 1 more (Master's), Suelynn (Wait List: Tara Thean, Gabrielle, Kenneth Hiew, Joyce, Carmen, Elaine Leong plus 2 more)

Cornell - Chang Ha and Boon Jim (Early Decision), Pei Xin (PhD), Pei Yee (Master's), Raymond (Master's), Yin Wei, Wen Jun, Bryan Chong, Si Ning, Jee Ian (Wait List: Sher Minn, Joyce, Carmen, Hui Juin, Katherine plus 1 more)

Dartmouth - Alison Lo (Wait List: Gabrielle, Yin Wei)

Georgetown - Raymond (master's)

Harvard - Yin Wei, Sharon Teng, Suyin (HBS MBA), (Wait List: Tara Thean, Alison Lo)

Johns Hopkins - Katherine, Carmen, Bernard, Jonathan, Wui Yarn, Raymond (Master's)

Middlebury - Elaine Leong, Evelyn (Wait List: Gabrielle, Ian Low, Amelia Lee)

MIT - Yi Hui, Hew Mun (Master's of MIT Sloan and Harvard Med School Dual-Degree), ZJ (PhD)

Northwestern - Wui Yarn, Carmen, Jie Min, Tee Jin, Bernard, Renuhaa, Jamie plus 1 more (Wait List: Sher Minn, Katherine plus 2 more)

NYU - Soraya, Hui Juin, Xiao Shan, Joyce (Wait List: Khye Theng, Ahmad Abrar, plus 1 more)

Olin - Philip Loh

Pomona - Evelyn

Princeton - Tara Thean, Kai Sheng, Jee Ian, Elaine Leong, Alison Lo (Wait List: Hui Juin)

Scripps - Evelyn

Stanford - Kimberley Ho (Early Action) plus 1 more (Master's), ZJ (PhD), Tara Thean, Zhi Kin, Vin Nie, Alison Lo (Wait List: Zi Liang, Bryan Chong, Mark Wong, Tee Jin, Sharon Teng, plus 1 more)

Swarthmore - Elaine Leong

Texas, Austin - Camellia

Tufts - Raymond (Master's)

UChicago - Raymond (Master's), Tzuo Hann (PhD), Yin Wei, Vin Nie, Hasan Hilmi, Alison Lo (Wait List: Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Joyce, Sharon Teng plus 1 more)

UCLA - Jie Min, Wui Yarn, plus 1 more, ZJ (phD)

United States Merchant Marine Academy - Sean Chang, Vichian, Muhd. Amin

UPenn - Tzuo Hann (PhD), Suyin (Wharton MBA), Zi Liang, Khye Theng (Wharton), Xiaoshan, Hui Juin (Wharton), Renuhaa, Jamie (Wait List: Sharon Teng (Wharton), Marisha Naz (Wharton) Plus 1 More)

Villanova School of Business - Xianjin

Wabash - Ian Low

Washington (St. Louis) - Nellie

Wellesley - Gabrielle

Wesleyan - Abraham Ngu, Tara Thean

Williams - Hasan Hilmi (Wait List: Gabrielle)

Yale - (Wait List: Carmen)
If there are more names, do let me know. If there is mistake, do let me know too.

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Constance Han said...

hey Mr. Chen Chow. I have just finished my SPM and i plan to study in the United States next year for the fall intake. I wonder whether any of those admitted candidate is willing to share his essay with us? It is because i want to learn on how to write an essay that is impressive enough. I understand this kind of thing cannot be learned, but i just want to get the general concept on how to draft out an essay. Thank you very much.

Chen Chow said...

Constance, would say that it is better for you not to ingrain yourself with those essays, as if you can get to read it, others could. And it might spell danger for you, as it might look like plagiarism.

Main thing for essays are that it would be unique and also highlight your personal characteristic.

We would go through the techniques at http://usapps2009.blogspot.com

Hasan said...

Wow. Yale really hates us huh? Did any Malaysian's get into Yale?

Chen Chow said...

Seems 0 Malaysian got in this year.

cimdaa said...

Hi Chen

I'm looking for MIT Sloan alumni in Malaysia. Do you know of any?


priya said...

Hi chen. Just wondering if you'd be able to let me know how you found about listngs for Malaysian admits for the year? Also, I've been admitted to Columbia for a Masters - would I be the plus one?! Or is there someone else. Thanks.


Chen Chow said...

priya, basically the listings are those who inform me. So, it is not a complete list, and you are not the plus one, since I don't think I am aware of your admission earlier.

Congrats for getting into Columbia!