Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Abraham Ngu - Wesleyan

Congratulations to Abraham Ngu for obtaining the admission and scholarships for Wesleyan University Class of 2013!

Good Luck to all who are waiting for the admission decision in 5 hours' time!

p/s: My phone's SIM card died, so I am not reachable by phone. Do email me if anything. Good Luck!

Berkeley - Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Jayson Poon, Jie Min, Wern Chia, Nellie, Katherine, Si Ning, ZJ (PhD)

Boston - Clarys Chan Lai Wah

Brown - Charis Loke (Early Decision)

Caltech - Zhi Kin, Suk Sien plus 1 more, ZJ (PhD)

Columbia - Kristin Khor (Master's) plus 1 more (Master's)

Cornell - Chang Ha and Boon Jim (Early Decision), Pei Xin (PhD), Pei Yee (Master's), Raymond (Master's)

Georgetown - Raymond (master's)

Johns Hopkins - Katherine, Carmen, Bernard, Jonathan

Middlebury - (Wait List: Gabrielle)

MIT - Yi Hui, Hew Mun (Master's of MIT Sloan and Harvard Med School Dual-Degree), ZJ (PhD)

Northwestern - Wui Yarn, Carmen, Jie Min, Tee Jin, Bernard plus 2 more (Wait List: Sher Minn, Katherine plus 2 more)

NYU - Soraya, Hui Juin, Xiao Shan, Joyce

Olin - Philip Loh

Stanford - Kimberley Ho (Early Action) plus 1 more (Master's), ZJ (PhD)

Tufts - Raymond (Master's)

UChicago - Raymond (Master's), Tzuo Hann (PhD), Yin Wei, Vin Nie, Hasan Hilmi (Wait List: Hui Juin, Yee Jie, Joyce)

UCLA - Jie Min, Wui Yarn, ZJ (phD)

UPenn - Tzuo Hann (PhD)

Washington (St. Louis) - Nellie

Wellesley - Gabrielle

Wesleyan - Abraham Ngu

Williams - Hasan Hilmi (Wait List: Gabrielle)

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your sim card dying is a sign from heavenly beings that you SHOULD GET SOME REST

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