Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sharon Teng & Tara Thean

Sharon Teng has agreed to let me feature her in a post here too! :)

Sharon's admission decision is as follow:-
Harvard University - admit
Stanford University - Wait Listed
Wharton Business School - Wait Listed
University of Chicago - Wait Listed
Princeton University - rejected
University of California, Berkeley - rejected

What I am showing this is to hopefully motivate everyone that it is possible that the only university that you get in, could be your top choice university, which could be most fit to you.

Like in Sharon's case, she applied for 6 universities, and she got 1, and it is Harvard, and after this, she will be a Harvard student and Harvard alum. Rest assured that she is definitely a very deserved student. She worked hard for it too! :)

So, to all, do give it a try. You never know. A lot of these are unpredictable.

I posted earlier on Tara being rejected by Cornell, when she got admitted by Princeton and Stanford. And coincidentally, some months back, I told Tara that two universities that I think fit her the most is Princeton and Stanford (she reminded me today that I told her this before :)). And she did get into these two, although I know she is still sad on her waitlist by Harvard and rejection by Yale. (Sorry that I had accidentally put Tara was rejected by Harvard. Sorry for my mistake.).

Hopefully, my blog could serve as motivation for those who are going to apply in future years. Have received a few emails from those who told me that they have seen the list last year, and strive to have their names there this year, and it is there. So, yours could be next year!

Today, some of the people have their dreams realized. Some have their dreams shattered. But what I think is important is that we learn through the process, and irrespective of which path you are taking from now onwards, optimize the opportunities there! And definitely hope that you would share your experience with others too! :)

Good Luck! Thanks for the support of my blog. Yesterday, 1st April 2009, was a memorable day for my blog. 3,392 page views were recorded on a day. Last year's april, for entire month of April, my total page views were 8,182 only.

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