Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008!

Good Bye 2007, and Welcome 2008!

One more year older....I'm 27...wow...getting older. :) Time really flies...

How's 2007? Guess ups and downs... Certain good aspects, and of course several downs as well.

Would 2008 be better? Of course, everyone hopes so. Just that would it be better? That's the bigger question, right?

Several main aims for 2008:-
1. Obtain my promotion to consultant for Accenture (Hopefully March Promo lar, although I know it is tough)
2. Pass my Level 3 of CFA (This is challenging too, especially since the books are accumulating dust, and Level 3 going to be tough, but it's the last round. :))
3. Reduce my weight... hopefully would be able to cut 6kg to 80kg... (This is challenging)..

Guess enough on aims, or else, I am not going to meet it.

Essentially, hope to develop myself professionally and personally. Hope to chart my development, so that I would be ready at the next level, especially with me inching nearer to the age bracket of 30.


RuRu Jane~ said...

ChenChow, all the best!! Happy New Year!! All your resolutions are achievable!! :)

bruce@shark said...

Happy New Year Chen Chow!! All the best in your New Year resolutions!! Gambate.. =)