Saturday, January 26, 2008

Holland International Living Center (HILC)

Being an ex-HILCers or fondly known as ILCers, I should definitely put in some plugs for a place, where I have spent 3 full years living in. That's more than 10% of my current life~! Especially since I was there during my time in Cornell, Ithaca, New York, US.

HILC, or its full name, Holland International Living Center, is a vibrant place at North Campus of Cornell University. It houses 145 people in the residence hall (Windi, if you happen to see this, I counted you too, as our beloved Residence Hall Director!) It has 4 units, with each unit has 6 suites and each suite has 6 people (2 single rooms and 2 double rooms).

I just came across the long list of activities that HILC had in Fall 2007. That really reminded me of my life there. There has been activities almost every day!

Among the activities over the 14 weeks in Fall 2007 include:-
The Plunge
HILC Jeopardy
International Dinner (Disney theme)
Halloween Carnival
Thanksgiving "Dinner"
Ultimate Gameshow
HILC Talent Show
Stephan Colbert show (Guilly)
Thanksgiving Guitar Hero Showdown (Jannine?)
Thanksgiving Trip to NYC (& play)
Winter Break Shopping Trip (to Wegmans)
Quilt Squares painting
Guitar Hero
Gingerbread House Making
Thanksgiving Postcards to Home
Apple Crisp??
Stress Ball Making
Cookie/Cupcake decorating
Chopstick Olympics
Spanish Language Night
French Language Night
Bahasa (Indonesia) Language Night
Korean Language Night
Swahili Language Night
Portuguese Language Night
USA Country Night
Brazil Country Night
Greece Country Night
(OH!) Canada......(eh?) Country Night
India Country Night
Indonesia Country Night
Panama Country Night
Spain Country Night
Hong Kong Country Night
Sunday Brunches
Dinner with David Powers
Ice Cream Nights
Coffee Nights


just Ava said...

Chenchow ,
Glad to see your blog! And glad to see this post regarding ILC ~ I start to miss it now. In fact, I found your blog by searching 'Holland ILC Cornell' in google!
Hope all is well, drop me some words when you are free,

Chen Chow said...

Hey Ava,

Yeah, definitely miss ILC life... Windi left ILC already..Should actually email her to check with her on how is she doing...

Thanks for dropping by my blog..where are you now?

I'm working back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Take care!