Friday, January 25, 2008

A US Program Junior Got Lymphoma

Life is really unpredictable. Just barely a day after the funeral of my cousin, I heard of another bad news. This is of a junior of mine, from ATU 7, a JPA Scholar who went to study in U.S.

He has successfully graduated from U.S. and eventually managed to get a place for PhD to study in University of London.

During the medical check up, he was diagnosed to have lymphoma. Things are just so unpredictable. He is undergoing chemotheraphy now. Really hope that he would be able to recover from it. Life is really unpredictable. Really hope that he would stay on and fight determinedly against the battle of lymphoma!

(For privacy purpose, I do not disclose his name here. If you happen to be from his batch, do contact me via email, and I would share with you a little more.)

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