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Start-Up@Singapore 2008: Emerging Industry Series (Alternative Energy)

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This new year, Start-Up@Singapore is delighted to present to you the Emerging Industry Series! Consisting of 3 exhilarating discussions on Alternative Energy, Interactive Digital Media and Web 2.0, enthrall yourselves with the many new takes and fresh perspectives on these up and coming industries. Insightful opinions on the industry outlook, investment opportunities and research potentials in these emerging industries will be shared and discussed by industry experts and academics.

 Emerging Industry Series: Alternative Energy

 Being the first in the series, the panel discussion promises to give you an insider's view on Alternative Energy. Together, we will explore the numerous opportunities and various challenges for local start-ups, as well as Singapore's role in this growing industry. Join us to immerse yourself in the buzz and find out what makes Alternative Energy one of the hottest topics today!

Date: 26th January 2008 ( Saturday)

Time:  10am to 12am (Registration starts at 9.30am)


Venue: Seminar Room Possibility,
              National Library Board,

              100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064


RVSP: emerging@startup.org.sg with your Name, Organization & Contact number

Attire:  Smart casual

 Speaker Panel:


SK Chou is a professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering (NUS).  From 1992 to 2000, he was Director of the NUS Industry and Technology Relations Office (INTRO) and, from 1995 to 2001, he was Managing Director of NUS Technology Holdings Pte Ltd (NUSH)- a wholly-owned NUS company responsible for seeding new technology start-ups from university research and inventions.  In July 2003, he was appointed Vice-Dean, External and Industry Relations, Faculty of Engineering. In November 2007, he was appointed concurrently Director of the Energy Studies Institute.


Frédéric Crampé has been managing ReEx Capital Asia (previously known as The Renewable Energy Exchange) since its inception in 2006. ReEx Capital Asia is an investment banking boutique based in Singapore, specializing in the Asian Clean Energy sector. Frederic is providing financial advisory services and raising funds (debt/equity) for renewable energy infrastructure, biofuel production facilities, energy efficiency projects and green energy products/services companies .Frederic is also vice-chairman of the finance committee of Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS).


M.N.A Hawlader obtained his Master (1974) and Ph D (1977) from Strathclyde University, UK. He worked for University College, Cardiff for about four years before joining NUS in 1980. He has been with NUS for 27 years and, currently, working as an Associate Professorial Fellow. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer, Australia and a Fellow of IES and IEB. His research includes areas related to Renewable Energy, desalination, and combined water and power production. He has been working in the area of Renewable Energy for more than three decades. He has over 100 publications in journal and Conferences on Renewable Energy and written several book chapters. He has developed an integrated solar cooling, water heating and drying system which is currently under commercialization.


Allan Lim  is the CEO of Alpha Synovate, a company which converts waste vegetable oils into biodiesel. To this date, Alpha Synovate is the only Biodiesel Company that is powering Singaporean vehicles with biodiesel. In 2005, he was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Award by President Mr. S. R. Nathan for his enterprising spirit and his efforts in promoting the enterprising spirit to the youth. Allan has served as panel judge for the Start-Up@Singapore Business Plan Competition and has mentored youth groups hoping to start enterprises in Singapore.


Erik Birgersson is currently an Assistant Professor at the Chemical & Biomolecular Department in the National University of Singapore. He received his MS.Ch.E. from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Stockholm) in 1998, after which he completed his Ph.D. in fluid mechanics in 2004 at the FaxenLaboratory, KTH. His research interests are in fuel cells (DMFC, PEMFC, SOFC), smart materials (hydrogels), transport phenomena and mathematical modeling in general.


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