Saturday, January 05, 2008


Came across FreeRice in ReCom, posted by hhhcce. Looked through it and really thought that this is definitely a worthy cause.

If you haven't visited it, do visit FreeRice here .

It allows us to practice our vocabulary (Those who are preparing for SAT would definitely love this practice! I would love to know this before I got into Cornell or even when I was there, to strengthen my English. The same goes to when I was preparing for my GRE), and also allow us to contribute to charity while we can.

The way the game works is that it would determine our level within the first few questions, and then after that, for every 3 questions that we get correct, we would move up 1 level, and for every 1 question that we get wrong, we would move down 1 level.

There are a total of 50 levels, and I would say that this is one of the best ways to learn vocabulary. I have gone through so many vocabulary learnings since I started to learn it.

To know more about history of FreeRice, go to Wikipedia .

The concept of this game is that, it allows the users to learn vocabulary, while help to do charity. The best of both world! For every question that we do correct, there would be 20 grains being donated to charity. The grains would be donated by those sponsors, whose logo appeared when we respond.

Do try for it! You might get addicted.

I have set up a thread in ReCom, to allow us to have friendly competition too here . Click in and share your results there too. It would motivate us to strive further.

Am hoping that could play a little part to encourage more people to do this, and if can, my target is for total contributions from ReComers (and maybe including those who have been reading my blog) to donate 100,000 grains a day. That means we are helping to feed 5 people. It is not too difficult. If 20 people are doing that, it is just about an hour a person. So, if I can get 240 people to do that each day, then it is just 5 minutes a person. You can make the difference!

Lets now go to FreeRice .

Currently, my standing is:-

Current Level : 26
Best Level : 32
Total Grain : 4120 (about 400 calorie of grain)

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