Thursday, January 24, 2008

Total Applicants to Top US Unis

This year, total applicants (Early Decision + Regular Decision) to top US Universities have been increasing by quite a lot!

Harvard University increases by 19% to 27,278.
University of Chicago increases by 18%. (International applicants grew 23% to 1,826)
Amherst College increases by 17%.
Northwestern University increases by 14% to more than 25,000.
Dartmouth College increases by 10%.
Cornell University increases by 7.5% to 32,655.
Princeton University increases by 6% to 20,118.
University of Virginia increases by 4% to 18,776.

For Early Decision, Cornell University has 3,095 students (up 3%). Cornell has accepted 1,142 of them, representing 37 percent of the Class of 2012. The acceptance rate for Early Decision is 36.8%, matching thwe rate from last year.

For total applicants from Malaysia to Cornell University, as of now, there have been at least 55 people and am expecting this number to increase further, as not all applicants have contacted me. Last year was 45 applicants, so it is up by at least 22%.


The caterpillar said...

Can I know If I apply as transfer to Cornell this Fall, is there a possibility of me having an interview?

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for leaving a note at my blog. Yes, will do a contact meeting for you too.

Please kindly contact me at chenchow AT gmail DOT com.

Please include the following info:
Mobile Phone:
Current Uni/College:
Major/College Applied to:

Will assign a date and time once you contact me.