Sunday, January 06, 2008

5th January 2008

Still not sure how long more my posting in Singapore would be, so guess should make full use of it. :)

Today, had lunch with Siaw Ling. Having known her for many years, this afternoon was actually the first time met her. Had lunch at NUS Arts Canteen, after met her at the bus stop at NUS Central Library. The canteen at NUS has quite a number of stalls, although not many open on the Saturday.

After that, Siaw Ling is very nice to walk me to Engineering Auditorium, for the StartUp @ Singapore's talk. Would blog on this talk further in one of the next blog posts. It was an interesting talk. Met Sue Huey, one of the Malaysians from Taiping, who has gone on a NUS-Silicon Valley program, and have involved in some VC company and also some initiatives in Vietnam. That's fantastic.

Yee Hoong and Howard went as well. Yee Hoong is on his transit in Singapore.

So, after that, we went to Howard's place at NUS. Spent an hour or so, and then we took a cab to Somerset. After putting Yee Hoong's luggage there, we went walking down to Paragon. Actually not too far from my place. About 10 minutes walk. Had dinner at a place called "My Mum's Cuisine". Not too bad, although they served tea very slowly. And apparently, free-flow of tea is only for hot tea. If you order tea with ice, you don't get refill. :(

Then, we walked down past Tangs, and took MRT from Orchard to Clarke Quay. Showed Yee Hoong there, especially on the Reverse Bungie jump. Of course, we didn't take it. And then, we went walking around the area. It seemed quite crowded, although it is mainly caucasian.

From there, we walked towards Boat Quay. There were a lot of restaurants there, but business was slow there. It was about 11pm. So, not sure whether at dinner time, the place would be crowded. But the way it seemed, it would be expensive there.

Taking a cab back. We spent an hour at my place, and took a couple hours of nap. Had breakfast with Yee Hoong at 4am at a mamak stall near my place. After that, Yee Hoong left for airport.

Yee Hoong , an ATU junior, who has really been making full use of his opportunities at Northwestern University. It is interesting to hear him involved in Engineering Students Council and many other activities there, including research as well. That's very good. He is looking at research opportunities in Germany, as well as China Synergy Programme . Keep up the good work!


Yee Hoong said...

Awww chen chow! Didn't actually see this post until now!
Thanks for blogging on that.
Hope things are going well!

Chen Chow said...

Thanks a lot, Yee Hoong!

All the best to you!

Time flies! It's now 2 years already for your time in US. 2 more years to go for your undergrad! It's half way mark!