Sunday, January 13, 2008 , The Worldwide Malaysian Students Network has been founded in April 2003, which means that in 3 months' time, it would hit its 5 years' anniversary. Many things have happened in ReCom, and many things are magical. ReCom has a total hits of 14.3 Million hits now! Of which about 40% of the hits happened in 2007. That's good! That means the website is growing!

There has been thoughts of having serious discussions vs informative website. What would be good? Can we do both? Currently, ReCom is attracting a large crowd, but as a result of it, the quality of debates and discussions have in a way dropped.

What should be the best way be? Should it stay at its status as the best source of Scholarships information? Should it enhanced itself?

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hhhcce said...

I would the new frontpage does have some effects on the number of posts. No doubt, the number of hits increases; but, from what I observe is that the number of replies is decreasing.