Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2nd time in Gym

After my first gym experience on Christmas day at Banyan Condo, today is my first time checking out the gym at Somerset Orchard. Thanks to Chieh Suang, Lin Lee and Jiin Joo on the encouragement!

Yes, would try to cut down my weights, at least partially through gym, and also through taking care on my food intake.

If I am not wrong, cutting down 7000 calories in total, would cut 1kg.

Today's exercise cut down about 250 calories as well. Did 25 minutes of fast walking (won't say very fast too lar, on average around 5 km/hr to 5.5 km/hr, and did a 10 minute cycling. My cycling of 10 minutes is about 5.7km.

Hopefully, I would be resolute enough to keep up on exercises, to reduce my weights, and hopefully in the long run, improve my health.

On a side note, this morning, nice to have breakfast with Mean Yeit (who came visiting Singapore), Jiin Joo and Chieh Suang. After that, Jiin Joo and Chieh Suang came visit my condo. Had chats in my room, the roof top swimming pool area, as well as during desserts. 3 of them are definitely fantastic seniors, who were same batch as Ying Ying (i.e. 2 batches my seniors). Mean Yeit, Chieh Suang and Ying Ying were from Raffles Junior College, so my direct seniors; whereas Jiin Joo was from Hua Chong Junior College.


hhhcce said...

have your tried Dr Atkin diet. THe result is not bad. Try to modify a little bit by eating more protein without fat and lots of vegetables. Don't eat carbohydrates of any kind.

Chen Chow said...

Thanks, hhhcce.

Guess I won't go to that extreme to cut my weight, but yes, I would increase vegetables, and reduce carbohydrates. :)