Thursday, January 10, 2008

GE Financial Management Program

Getting this from a fellow Cornellian, Yi Kai, from General Electric.

GE is looking for new management trainees for their Financial Management Program. They are looking for more candidates for February 2008 intake.

If you are interested, do let me know, I will link you up with Yi Kai.

You can submit resume to

There is also an attached brochures, that I can't paste it here. So, would highlight stuff there. If you want the brochure, just contact me.

GE Financial Management Program (FMP)

1. Master/Degree in accounting/finance/business and/or economics, and have no more than 2 years of formal work.
2. Graduate with A Average, CGPA 3.6, 2nd Upper or distinction.
3. Analytical, all-rounder and able to take charge
4. Excellent communication skills and a change agent
5. Geographically mobile & able to adapt & work effectively in different culture, from big cities to small towns.

What GE Provides:-
1. 4 rotations of 6-month attachments in different countries
2. Intensive MBA-style training
3. Fast track development on a proven path
4. Performance based salary increase every 6 months
5. Social interactions, network opportunities and exposure to top business leaders
6. Potential for unparallel career growth thereafter.

For more info, go to GE or GE Careers


Anonymous said...

I know Yi Kai, he..he...

Nice guy!

Anonymous said...

can u help me out.. im from lebanon and trying to find a way in to the program, i will be in CANADA in june/july...