Thursday, January 10, 2008

Accenture Graduate Consulting Opportunities 2007 - 2008

Accenture, the firm I am working with, is looking for talented candidates to apply for consulting career!

Do spread the words around.

If you have any question on Accenture, do feel free to let me know, especially on working with Accenture in Malaysia!


Accenture is looking for outstanding students to join our offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea. If you are interested in the challenges of a Consulting career, visit Accenture Careers . Submit your résumé along with your academic transcripts to (Ref: USCAMP08). Please note that your application will only be considered for the location(s) where you have valid work authorization.

Join our live chat session on February 13 2008 to discover more about Accenture and career opportunities in South East Asia and Korea. Register now by emailing to Details will be provided upon registration.

US time zones

Eastern: 9.00pm Central: 8.00pm Pacific: 6.00pm


VKIN said...

Hahaha.... now you doing Recruitment for Accenture as well huh? Did they pay you extra besides the referral fee? :) Anyway, Happy New Year!

Chen Chow said...

Actually, I am not even getting referral fee. The referral fee is only for experienced hires, whereas this is for fresh grads!

I'm working at Accenture, so why not help my firm to recruit good talents!

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, how much is the starting pay like for graduates at Accenture (e.g. for a management consulting position)?

Chen Chow said...

On the pay, maybe you can email me at chenchow via gmail, and I can share more info with you over there.

XtremeProgrammer86 said...
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XtremeProgrammer86 said...

Hey Chen Chow, I will be graduating in Jan 2010. I am Malaysian but currently study in UK. May I know to whom should I send my resume to for graduate consulting post in Malaysia and Singapore?

Chen Chow said...

Do apply for Accenture's jobs at

Good luck!

Yan Ng said...

Hi Chen Chow, is this program still available now?