Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hands Percussion Performance at KLPAC

Yesterday (Friday night), went for an interesting Hands Percussion performance, where Xue Fen (a fellow Accenturian whom I knew through BUM... for those who do not know what is BUM..... it is Business Unit Meeting... not some bumming stuff..) performed.

It was definitely an interesting and fantastic performance. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, where the performance is definitely tip-top. It has 7 parts and each of them used quite some unique aspects. It has definitely fantastic creativity.

One of the parts use water as an element, as in real water. So, the dancers were dancing with perhaps half an inch or 1 inch of water, and they even did some acrobats on water, rolling around, flipping across people etc. It looks very neat.

One of the performances do not use any equipment, except 2 of the drum sticks each.. (not the KFC drumsticks, but the thing to wack on the drum...i don't have proper language to write on it, so gonna call it drum sticks lar..) it was fun and they got the audience to clap with them, and introduce chaos to it... where different part of audience would clap at different tempo. It made a nice fun music.

Other interesting elements, include like playing fast-tempo music, when they bring out the equipment, have the performers planted around the crowd etc etc..

My personal opinion... Am wondering how Fong able to train on this very high quality performance, while keeping a full time job with Accenture. He trained every night for the past 3 months. It is certainly amazing!

This is also my first time to KL Performing Arts Center. It definitely looks good. Really made me feel even want to buy an apartment there. Developed by YTL, and they managed to transform the Sentul area from a backward area, into a very high end area. The garden definitely looks good!

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