Friday, October 05, 2007

Historic Day at IJN

Read in Sin Chew just now on a historic event that happened yesterday evening and today. I am not talking about the astronaut, but rather the family of a fellow Malaysian who has met with accident has graciously agreed to donate his heart, lung and a few other organs to needy Malaysians.

This ha enabled one of our "mechanical heart girl", Hui Yi, to finally manage to get her heart. It was historic act, where Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) experts manage to operate from the brain dead donor last night at 8:15pm in Ipoh Hospital and managed to brought the organs back at IJN at 1:15am this morning and the operation was successful.

With this, hopefully, Hui Yi, who has waited for more than 1 year for a heart, has managed to get her dream come true. So do another Sarawakian guy who managed to get the lung.

It is really the spirit of caring Malaysian, where we see people donate the organs of their loved ones to other fellow Malaysians. The donor chooses to stay anonymous. It must be tough for the family of the boy to donate, as he has just got into an accident and was pronouned brain dead, but this act, has given hope to Hui Yi, the other guy and other needy patients.

This would also mean the next in line patient would have his/her hope brightened.

I would say kudos to the team from IJN, and as what Marina Mahathir put it at her blog

But one of the doctors said to me, "Do you know what a historic day this is?" I said, "No I don't." And she said, "It is historic because the man who started IJN, your father, is in here at the same time as two transplant patients, patients who would never have had this chance had IJN not existed." She went on to say that as exhausted as they were the heart and lung team were happy to be able to show to my Dad firsthand that he was right to have faith in them, that Malaysian surgeons are just as capable of such sophisticated surgery as anyone anywhere. We should all be SO proud.

Syabas! Malaysia Boleh!

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