Monday, October 15, 2007

Malaysian Mensa Admission Testing Dates

There have been questions on when next Malaysian Mensa Admissions Test date would be. So, here it is:-

28th October 2007 (National Science Center)
10th November 2007 (Malaysian Mensa National Administrative Office)
24th November 2007 (Special Session at Sunway University College, in conjunction with Mensa Forum On Intelligence. Time to be determined later, would be around lunch time)
8th December 2007(Malaysian Mensa National Administrative Office)
30th December 2007(National Science Center)

For all testings (unless stated otherwise), testing time would be at 3:00pm. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before testing time.

Malaysian Mensa National Administrative Office is located at B-2-10, Dataran Glomac, Jalan SS 6/20, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

National Science Center is located at Bukit Kiara.

If you have further questions, do go to Malaysian Mensa Society's Website to find out.

Mensa Admissions Test would be 40 minutes long (for the actual test itself, with another 10 minutes or so for briefing before and after). There would be 36 minutes allocated, with all questions have 9 multiple choice selections.

Your IQ would be compared against all those who are same age as you. So, don't worry if you are too young or too old, and feel that you would be disadvantaged. Minimum age to take the test would be 14 years old.

Cost to take the test would be RM35.

Maximum IQ would be 180. Minimum IQ score to qualify for Malaysian Mensa would be 148, which means top 2% of world population.

Even if you get below 148, you would get to know your actual IQ score and know where you stand compared to the rest of world population. So, even if say you get 120, it still means that you are better than maybe 70% or 80% of world population. Average IQ is 100 (Which also means you would be better than 50% of world population, if your IQ score is 100).

On what Mensa members would do? There are often many networking dinners, where Mensans and friends dine and sometimes wine together. Often, there would be some brain teasers or wine quizzes or other fun activities too. Some of those dinners are pot luck, which means you bring some food each. Some are at some unique restaurants. Some are theme dinner, where members dress up, like African, Alice in Wonderland, Sparkling etc.

Recently, there is also a trip to Kuala Selangor to watch firefly, as well as have a dinner there. There was also a recent waterfall visit trip. Occasionally, there is also hiking trip. There is also some Makan-Makan trip. Last year, there was one which head up north, where Mensans in KL met up with members in Penang and Ipoh, while having food all the way up north.

Other more intellectual events include forum on intelligence, sudoku, scrabble, treasure hunt, as well as a bunch of talks, like scholarships talk, career talk, mining talk etc.

And of course, there is a Mensa monthly magazine, where the members can write on anything. from travel, technology, to their life etc.

You can check out the PDF version of magazine here

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