Sunday, October 21, 2007

To Enhance Memory Power

Found out about this event in The Star. It would be a good event to attend too!

UNIVERSITI Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Centre for Extension Education will be organising a public talk entitled Forget No More at its Utar PJ Campus on Nov 10, from 10am to noon. The speaker is Anant Kasibhatla. Admission is free. For details, call 03-7957 2818, 03-7955 5181, or 016-2233 563; or log on to:


Anonymous said...

well you may not know me coz i just stumbled upon this extremely informative blog of yours.

*bookmarks it along with tinkosong & educationmalaysia*

btw i'm from recom. wonder how do you manage so many things coming at one time! you're like superman. LOL~ and thanks heaps for answering a lot of my question in the US thread, especially lately.. just wanna say that everything is appreciated by me. :) keep up the good work! cheers!


Chen Chow said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog~!

Good Luck in your US universities applications~! Hopefully that you would be able to get into your dream university!

Good Luck!