Thursday, October 11, 2007


Have been in Singapore for the past 3 days...

Came in Singapore on Monday, and supposed to stay for 3 nights, but end up would stay till Friday! My 1st overseas over-night trip! It is quite exciting, although i would say quite challenging, especially in terms of the work that I am working on. I won't go into it - not only that I am not supposed to go through it, but also guess no one would be interested to know about it.. :P

Came in through a limo on Monday with Mei Mei and Li Li. It was a nice and smooth ride. Walked into my Accenture HQ in Singapore for the first time on Monday. It was very nice... and it consists of several floors. Looks pretty nice, with even soft drink machine.. :)

Monday had to miss Bill Green's talk. Guess, it's ok lar... Would get to see him one day in the future.

Met up with Jiin Joo and Lin Lee~! Thanks, Jiin Joo for the ride. We had dinner at Kopitiam at Vivo and thanks Jiin Joo for showing me around there! Then, we met up with Lin Lee at one of the hawker stalls for dessert. Jiin Joo dropped me back at Somerset and thanks to Li Li who opened the door for me.. I reached back past 11pm, and the guard is on.

Tuesday been a busy day at work too. After work, met with Munir and Su Yuen at vivo.. We had dinner at Swenson and then fruit juice at an Indian restaurant at the outdoor of Vivo.

Today, Wednesday, historical day for Malaysia. Our astronaut has just blasted to space at 9:23pm Malaysian time. It is definitely historical. Too bad, I couldn't watch it. Was having dinner with Moh Ngee, Jian Sern and Li Li at Sze Chuan Kitchen at Raffles City Shopping Mall. Quite good food, I have to admit!

Have been back at my room for couple of hours... Still trying to finish what I am doing....looks like a long night....hehehe... :(

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