Friday, October 05, 2007

Going To Singapore

Today, during around lunch time, I got the confirmation that I would be going over to Singapore next Monday to Thursday for a 4-day project over there! It would hopefully come true, so that at least I would have a little of Regiional Exposure, rather than merely local exposure.
It would be hardwork, but I guess it would argur well for my development within my firm. It is a proposal on a strategy work, which would be new for me, but hopefully would be a good exposure to prepare me for my next project at a media conglomerate in Malaysia.
This would hopefully be able to provide me momentum in my preparations towards the next promotion session, to move up from analyst to consultant. The last despair I had in late August 2007, would hopefully be over, and I could strive hard to move further.
The cons of this trip would be that, I would have to miss the opportunity to meet up with Bill Green, our CEO. It would be my first time meeting him, and yet I won't get the chance. But guess, it would be a good sacrifice!
Will keep everyone updated here!

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