Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dessert Buffet at Hilton

After a long week (actually it's just a 3-day week for me), but been very busy at work.

So, decided to wind off with Tee Yau, Lee Szee, Jacky and Debbie at Hilton. They came across a buffet of RM50++ at Hilton KL. That's a good deal at Hilton, right? It is a Chocolate buffet! So, to those chocolate addict, that's a good place. It has a very wide spread of chocolate stuff, from chocolate drink to various desserts. They have 3 hot food too. Prawn with chocolate, beef with chocolate and chicken with chocolate...

We had a good time chatting till about 1am there. A good place for dessert and wind down. They have a wine buffet at RM88++ too.

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