Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fewer and Shorter Post

Sorry for not being writing much, and been writing on more serious stuff, as I have been pretty or rather very busy at work.

It has been great learning experience for these past few weeks at work. Work is definitely much more compared to what I used to have and definitely the deadline is tighter. It has been steep learning curve, but I would say that I am definitely enjoying the learning curve. It is great to build up my experience, especially as a senior analyst. Hopefully, lady luck would smile at me, during the next promotion cycle.

Would definitely not want to bite the dust again. Failure to get promotion for September 2007 has been a tough moment for me. I am putting all those behind and am working hard to justify a promotion for the next cycle. Would keep my fingers' crossed!

Due to work, I have not been able to spend much time on AUAM and Cornell Club of Malaysia. Sorry that I have to miss the meetings nowadays. Not that I wanted to, especially with important dinners to be organized. Really sorry!

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