Friday, October 19, 2007

AUAM & Cornell

Today, got 2 pieces of news while I was working.

First, a message from Mr. Raja from American Universities Alumni Malaysia. Duli Yang Teramat Mulia, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah has confirmed that he would be able to grace the 30th Annual Dinner of American Universities Alumni Malaysia (AUAM) on 16th December 2007. That would be fantastic. Raja Dr. Nazrin is famous for his speech during the recent Malaysian Student Leaders Summit, and he would be making another speech on AUAM Annual Dinner.

So, right now, there would be a lot of hard work, to get all the necessary details ready, from booking the hotels, to prepare the invitation cards, to encourage people to purchase tables etc. It would be tough work to do the preparations.

The second piece of news. This one is even more sudden. After Cornell Club of Malaysia been in dormant for some time. Suddenly, got an email from Shahrizal, that Prime Minister has just agreed to speak at Cornell University Alumni Dinner and the date is within 3 weeks from now. Wow. That would be mad rushing, to welcome Prime Minister at the function.

These two would swarm me, especially with my current project is also very tiring. Am based at Technology Park Malaysia. It is a fantastic project and great learning experience, although it is quite hard work too. Just got back just now at almost midnight.

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Ray said...

Indeed, exciting news! Get some rest, man.