Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tzuo Hann Cycling from Los Angeles to Taiping

This is high time for me to help pitching for my friend, Tzuo Hann, a fellow Malaysian who has just graduated from Duke University. He decides to cycle home from the United States of America to Taiping, Malaysia (his hometown). That is a significant feat, of cycling through all terrains in 30,000km. That's 100 journeys from Kuala Lumpur to Penang for those who want to imagine how far it is. And he is not driving. He is cycling alone.

Tzuo Hann is cycling through various continents to raise fund for charity and non-profit organizations. All proceeds would go to:-
a) St. George's Institution (his alma mater)
b) National Cancer Society Malaysia
c) MAA-MEDIcare Kidney Charity Fund

He would be cycling on his own fund, so all donation would go to charity.

This is also a ride, where Tzuo Hann hoped to inspire our Malaysian youth to have the Malaysia Boleh spirit! He proves that he can do it!

There are a few ways to follow up on what he is doing:-
1. His journal is here
2. His photos are here
3. His fund raising page is here

Hope that you would all take action and donate to this worthy cause.

To donate, just go to here

Total donation has crossed RM50,000. And Tzuo Hann hopes to raise RM1 Million.

Action! Do help to spread the words around!

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