Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy working

It is Saturday night and I'm not going anywhere and stuck at home....Sigh..Sorry friends that I couldn't make it to Velvet with those BUM Activities team people, as well as to Laundry (Sorry Jien Sern, Rashid etc for your birthday party)...

Had to work.. Shouldn't have to sound so negative. After all, it is very interesting work.. To those who want to know what I am working on... Nice try :) I can't tell you :P

Today lunch time, went to Ifi's open house. It was nice there, meeting a bunch of colleagues from my previous project. Nice to enjoy the delicacy and also iSqueeze. That is a good relaxation.

Munir, sorry that I couldn't attend your open house. Have too much work to work on.

Sunday - working in KLCC office... of course, would have lunch..Thanks Chiew Yen and Kem Wui for coming all the way to KLCC to accommodate me.

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