Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rapid KL Monthly Pass

Since recently, a few developments of the RapidKL charges has happened.

Since 2 months ago or so, Daily Pass for buses could be done via the Touch N Go. So, it is kind of advanced, where you just need to touch on the Touch N Go at the bus, and then if you happen to go up the same type of bus within the same day, the system would detect and you don't need to pay again. Not sure how they do this though.

Then now, you can use your Touch N Go to buy Monthly Travel Card for RapidKL. You just need to bring your Touch N Go to the counter and they would load it up. For 31 days of unlimited Putra LRT, Star LRT and all Rapid KL buses within entire Klang Valley, it is RM135. So, right now, you can buy the monthly pass any time of the month, and not just from the 1st of the month.

For the unlimited LRT ride, it is now RM100. For the unlimited bus ride, it is now RM80.

It would be great if more fellow Malaysians are taking it!

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