Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy Life

Sigh...Sigh....Why I am sleeping late at 1+am on Sunday night? Why I am waking up early at 6am on Monday morning? Why can't I have a real sleep at night? Why should I keep on waking up here and there?

Been thinking on work and been quite stressed up on work...That's really a frank statement. Don't worry too much. I am fine, but the current project is definitely very hectic. This has been the most hectic month I have been since I join Accenture, but it is also the month that I learn the most. There is just so much to learn and leverage on the network of Accenture that I could utilize.

Those very senior Senior Executives, some who hold position at Global level are all so nice to respond to cold calls / cold emails from young analysts like me. It is exciting that they are willing to spend time sharing with us.

Those are the nice parts~!

On yesterday, had a nice time at Malaysia Festival of the Mind. Thanks Steven and Audrey for taking care of Mensa booth, when I went to attend the Memory Talk by Anant.

Thanks Sue for providing me with the VIP ticket to watch the 50 years merdeka celebration performance of Malaysian Chinese at Stadium Bukit Jalil. It is definitely magnificent. Thanks to Quek for allowing me to get very good seat! It is definitely very nice view sitting and watching from the 3rd row, in a crowd of 50,000.


Anonymous said...

hi.. would like to ask if working in accenture is stressful? is it kinda hectic all the time with going home late ?

Chen Chow said...

I would say that it really depends on each project. Some projects are pretty busy, whereas some are more relaxing. So, it really depends.

I would say that it depends a lot on your time management and also how the project culture is. Some clients are more demanding, whereas some clients are more relaxing.

So, there is no specific time frame. Some projects go home by 5-6pm every day, some 7-8pm, some till late nights or even wee hours in the morning. So, essentially, it depends on the nature of the project that you are in.

I would say that usually you might go through some period of very hectic time and some period of quite relaxing time. So, it depends.

Anyway, those projects that are very hectic are usually the ones that you can learn a lot. It is really a global network for you to tap on the knowledge of people around the world.