Monday, October 15, 2007

Carelessness Or Apathy

Two incidents happened over the Raya break, might have marred the Raya celebration that is permeating in Malaysia.

The first one is the unfortunate tragedy that happened in the boat of Seagull Express to Tioman Island, one of the major holiday escapades in Malaysia. The boat suddenly caught fire and 4 people died and 4 were injured, with 3 more were still missing.

This is unfortunate, especially the boat operators loaded too many passengers into the boat. There weren't even sufficient life jackets within the boat. So, as the fire engulfed, a number just had to jump into the water, without life jackets. It was a mad rush. Luckily only a few lost their life, instead of the whole boat. But this is still quite a tragedy, as this shouldn't have happened.

Luckily, the prompt actions by passing boats, managed to save majority of them.

The second incident was in Penang, my home state. The newly-launched Rapid Penang. One of the passengers died after falling through the emergency door. Somehow, the bus was packed and suddenly the emergency door was opened and a passenger fell down and died. It was quite a tragedy.

Life is precious and hence, we really need to treasure it.

Hopefully, the public transport operators would take greater caution on all these issues. It is better to be careful, than to be sorry. Hopefully, this would not impact the number of takers in public transport too.

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