Friday, March 14, 2008

Wiki Malaysia Project

Yang Jerng has initiated a Wiki Malaysia project, to centralize information on Malaysia at a place.

His words are:-
You can help improve the quality of information in Malaysia, just by joining this group, and getting more people interested in learning how to use wiki technologies. Malaysians have too many blogs and peripheral websites. Malaysians need to centralise information. Malaysians need to learn how to use wikis. Let's go.

And how to do it from Yi Jian:-
1. Register yourself as an author on the wiki.

2. Adopt a page.

3. Write about stuff in Malaysia, like your taman perumahan, your constituency, your favourite mamak, help for foreign visitors, etc.

4. Invite more friends. (not just on facebook! anybody whom you think will be interested!)

5. Invite your friends to work on an article.

6. Help your friends work on an article.

7. Use this group or wikimalaysia to discuss future articles.

Some of the users registered on have trouble accessing our wiki. If you face a similar problem, we're going to sort things out in a bit and we'll send a broadcast to your inbox.

To assess it, go to Wiki Malaysia

There is a facebook group for this as well. It is here

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