Saturday, March 22, 2008

Entrepreneurship Talks

Another good Public Lecture for those staying in Singapore. Hope to see more people attending such events to learn!

This is a talk organized for CS3216 Students in NUS, but it is open for public to attend.

Title:- Understanding the *REAL* World: Plenary Session with Local Entrepreneurs
Date:- 24th March 2008
Time:- 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Venue:- LT19, NUS

Credentials of the Speakers:-
Paul S C Yeo obtained his bachelor's degree (Hons) in Computer Engineering from the National University of Singapore. He is a Director and Founder of several companies in IT and Creative Industries – Ignis Pte Ltd, BizCube Solutions Pte Ltd, TAK System Integration, Realisma Pte Ltd. Also a Director of Edward Whistler International, a business consultancy firm for SMEs in the area of Knowledge Management and Business Strategy. Paul is an elected committee member for the Singapore High Technology Association (SHTA) and his burning vision is in helping to “bring ideas to life” from inception to successful commercialization.

Marc Goh Kheng Kian is a Director and Founder of Design Prodigy – a web business outfit spanning from Singapore, China and Vietnam, is responsible for generating measurable results for his clients from their websites. Marc has a special interest in open source movement and is currently a core member of Singapore PHP User Group. Before his foray into web business, Marc has served 8 years in the Singapore Armed Forces as a military officer (MAJ, NS), his tour of duty includes planning and driving numerous Army-wide Digitisation Program, R&D projects and Humanitarian Assistance Operation for tsunami disaster 2005. He obtained his bachelor's degree (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Ash Singh is currently the Vice-President Interactive of Imagine OmniMedia, a Singapore based media ventures company focused on reality television in Asia. Ash is responsible for interactive elements for productions which include The Contender Asia. Singh is also committed to supporting the local business community and to nurturing young local business talent. He co-heads the chapter of the Young Venture Capital Society, is a lecturer, speaker and honorary judge for business venture competitions at the INSEAD Business School. He is an associate of the for the Singapore Manufacturers Federation, and serves as an ambassador for the Richard Ivey School of Business. As an avid basketball fan, he is also an advisor to the Singapore Slingers professional basketball team. He also serves as a consultant to Google in South East Asia.

Kuo-Yi is most recently the Vice President of International Sales and Business Development at Encentuate Inc. He is an early employee of Encentuate and has grown Encentuate’s business into a leading Enterprise Access Security solution in Asia-Pacific. Prior to Encentuate, Kuo-Yi has been a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group as well as the Director of Business Development at Reputation Technologies, Inc., both based in Boston. Kuo-Yi has deep experience in building companies from their early days, with leading roles in strategy formulation, marketing, sales, partnership and product development. Kuo-Yi holds the bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, all in Electrical Engineering. He is now in the process of starting up a new venture in the Web 2.0 space.

Sivam Krish is currently CEO of Genometri. He has been constantly frustrated by the incompatibilities between design practice in Design and Engineering. Having obtained a dual degree in Engineering and Architecture at MIT he pursued his interest in automating the complex decision-making in cutting gemstones. He did his PhD in automating gem cutting as presidential scholar at Cambridge University. As an assistant professor teaching product design at the National University of Singapore, he first developed techniques to help his students explore form variations the results led to an NUS spin-off company Genometri.

Chin Kwek Loong graduated from NTU with a honors degree in Electrical and Electronics in 1996. He is the founder of several .com companies including IguanaMobile and His interest lies in gadgets and tweaking hardware and software, which led him to introduce a new website for users to tweak their mobile phones. IguanaMobile is a pioneer in mobile phone customization in the world which stared in 1999., a website that allows users to customize the look of mobile phone, is currently among the top 600 most popular sites in the world.

Ng Chin Leng is the entrepreneur who started 8 years ago, and along the way, started is currently the de facto authority on all wedding-related matters for Singaporeans. Chin Leng graduated from NTU with a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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