Thursday, March 13, 2008

Comments on General Election

To all my readers, I would like to assure that I'm not just keeping quiet because I want to avoid answering your feedback and comments. Thanks for the comments. I have been working very long hours, and hence, I haven't been able to squeeze in time to respond to the comments. I would do so definitely.

I would like to state that my support for MCA and BN, not because of I got a scholarship to study in US. Definitely not. I would say that my main arguments of support include:-

The consistent service provided by MCA representatives throughout the years. I'm sure that for those of you, especially those who read Chinese Newspapers know that whenever you face any problem, you can always contact your MCA reps (I'm not saying that reps from other parties are not doing so. There are some who do so too), and they will help. It is service throughout the many years, and not just appear during election only. I'm sure you can see the long list of actual statistic done by them, rather than mere calling for changes, with no concrete prove.

Another main aspect is the sincerity to serve. I would say that we can all see Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting is very sincere in serving the public. He is not a leader, who is just "gila kuasa". When he first became MCA President, he set himself a 9-year term, and this is not just for him, but for long term of MCA. He willingly offered not to be a minister, to clean up MCA, despite him being an elected MP this time around, to bring back the lustre of MCA.

To the reply on whether I want to be a politician, no I'm not a politician, and I will not be a politician in any foreseeable future. I won't discount the possibility when I grow much older, but at presently, I know that I am not qualified to be one. There is still a lot for me to learn, to try and solve the grassroot problem, to learn about all the issues around, before I can be a suitable MP or State Assemblymen. Of course, the journey towards it would be a long and steep one. So, as of now, no, I am not going into politics.

All my opinion is purely mine, and not representing any political party or any leader.

I won't say that JPA Scholarships is the only thing that MCA has helped. Many other aspects that MCA has done quietly, behind the scene. For example, increasing the number of Chinese in IPTAs, providing quality education through UTAR and KTAR, providing education loan through Kojadi, building 15 new Chinese schools and relocate 75 Chinese schools (which essentially are new schools), supporting NGOs etc.

I know that many are now excited about the change, and seem to be taken into believe that the current alliance of DAP-PKR-PAS can bring change. I would say lets wait for the next few years, and time will tell, whether they are able to bring positive change.

As of now, DAP-PKR-PAS are still bickering over the Menteri Besar position in Perak. It is a pact of convenience, and not a strong alliance that would serve the people in the long run. While I won't say that BN alliance is perfect, it is more solid that the loose alliance that DAP-PKR-PAS is having.

DAP has always say that MCA kowtow to UMNO. I would like to ask all readers to say whehter DAP is now kowtowing to PAS. In Perak, DAP has 18 representatives, vs 6 by PKR and 5 by PAS. And with that solid number of reps, DAP can't even to stake huge control.

I will not comment further, but will let time to tell us.

Penang state government by DAP-PKR seems to start quite well. I have to give credit to them. The CM and DCM1 and DCM2 consists of all 3 races seem to be a good start. But lets watch and see.

Again, I thank all my readers who post comments in my blog. My blog is mainly to cater to sharing on educational and beneficial events happening in Malaysia, and I would say that this General Election has swayed it a little, but I hope to focus on helping to spread on those events more.

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Anonymous said...

" you face any problem, you can always contact your MCA reps ".In actual fact, the local council should be elected to take care of daily living problems faced by the public.

Admittedly, some MCA state assembly man and woman are capable on daily problem and sadly they are wiped off during this election

The state assembly man and woman elected should think and talk bigger issues.

However , under the ruling by BN all those years ago , the election of local council was abolised

If I seek the assistance of state assembly man took look into clogged drain problem , I might have over-paid their salary.

Take a look at the demise Zakaria then you know how corrupted the appointment by cronies

Do you remember the Menillium Park in Subang with a big golden bird worth 6 million and eventually being demolished

By the way, I did not see Ong Ka Ting condemn Zakaria castle ? ?

Anonymous said...

>The consistent service provided by MCA representatives throughout the years.

Had the rakyat agreed with your statement, the general election results would not have been what they are.

Or had MCA been confident of their service record, why did they choose to contest in Malay-dominated, UMNO safe seats?

There are DAP representatives who are just as eager and sincere to help. So what's your point then?

>I would say that we can all see Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting is very sincere in serving the public. He is not a leader, who is just "gila kuasa".When he first became MCA President, he set himself a 9-year term, and this is not just for him, but for long term of MCA.

Well, he seems intent on helping his brother consolidate his political position. Have you ever wondered why he was appointed as MCA secretary-general despite being a non-MP? So it's not just for Ong himself, but for his brother too, you mean.

Like it or not, a lot of MCA state assemblyman - well, at least those with whom I'm acquainted with - are pathetic opportunists. And people join MCA for the networking and for business.

Shall I relate to you how land reserved for the extension of a local Chinese primary school, in my hometown, was later robbed by MCA state assemblymen and developed it into a strip of shop lots instead?

Or maybe how Tan Cheng Lock and his son sold out the Chinese interests during the early days. Tan Siew Sin was a rotten egg.

Oh, and don't forget the holdings company which MCA set up to pool funds from the Malaysian Chinese to help the Chinese poor. It was borne out of good intentions, and a good idea - but the money was siphoned off by some unscrupulous MCA members and that was the end of it.

My mom was actually involved in accumulating those funds. She said that the dollar bills had a stale smell to them i.e. these were literally the LIFE SAVINGS of some Chinese, who despite being poor, gave their whole-hearted support.

I'm sure there are good stories about MCA. But I've got plenty of ugly ones.

Do you even know the REAL history of MCA?

Anonymous said...

Your political analysis is rather poor.

We all know that DAP-PKR-PAS is a temporary alliance. If DAP and PKR are to retain their secular appeal, they can't be in bed with PAS for long.

An alliance is not kowtowing. It is stipulated that the Perak MB must be Malay - so does DAP really have a choice?

DAP is not really a multi-cultural party, so there's no way they can penetrate into the Malay heartland. That DAP didn't win a larger stake can be attributed to clever gerrymandering - where rural Malay constituencies have a far less population than Chinese-populated ones.

You will be shooting yourself in the foot if BN decides to team up with PAS one day.

Can you enlighten me how UMNO is different from PAS? UMNO is raising its Islamic spectre - to be expected, since that appeals to the Malay rural folk. At least PAS is not mired in the corruption and cronyism and money politics that UMNO is.

Barisan Nasional is really Barisan UMNO. To dispute this is silly.

I don't rally against MCA. But your blog posts tends to be of the MCA/BN = good; DAP/Opp = bad - usually with little, or pathetic, substantiation.

Let's see how both BN and the new Barisan Rakyat perform.

If you choose to be blinded by your own prejudice (whatever the roots of it may be) - well, then I pity you.