Friday, March 14, 2008

Tzuo Hann Cycling Back to Malaysia

I have blogged about Tzuo Hann's Long Way Home from US to Malaysia several times.

Right now, Tzuo Hann has reached back to the land of Malaysia and he is scheduled to reach back to Taiping on 15th March 2008, after a long 293 days cycling around the world. There would be 55 cyclists cycling together with him on his journey back to Taiping. It would be an exciting affair! Syabas, Tzuo Hann.

I would hope that everyone would not be stingy to chip in to Tzuo Hann's Long Way Home Fund Raising Program for Charity. You can get full details at .

Do spread the words around to your friends. It is a good deed, for a very young Malaysian to do such a good deed.

Tzuo Hann, your spirit would be a great inspiration for fellow Malaysians!

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