Monday, March 24, 2008

Malaysian F1 Race at Night in 2009

The next F1 race in Malaysia would be at night!

Quoting fully from Bloomberg

Ecclestone Says Malaysian Grand Prix to Be Night Race in 2009

By Ranjeetha Pakiam

March 23 (Bloomberg) -- The Malaysian Grand Prix will switch to a night race in 2009, Formula One Chief Executive Officer Bernie Ecclestone said in an interview.

Ecclestone, 77, said Grand Prix organizers at the Sepang circuit outside Kuala Lumpur had agreed to start the race after 7 p.m. Today's Malaysian Grand Prix began at 3 p.m.

Formula One officials want the Asian leg of races to be more accessible to European television viewers. Singapore is staging the first night Grand Prix in September and Ecclestone has told Australian race organizers they must move to a night race or lose their place on the schedule.

Malaysian Grand Prix organizers ``know it is necessary, both to attract television audiences in Europe and the public here,'' Ecclestone said in a trackside interview at Sepang. ``It will be very good for the people in Malaysia and anyone coming to visit the race as it will be very exciting.''

Ecclestone said he'll recommend the race starts no earlier than 7 p.m., requiring the circuit to be lighted.

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Su Yuen said...

Wow! That'd be so cool! An F1 race at night!! :)

I heard some news from my friends (unsure of how true it is) that Singapore will be hosting the F1 as well and it'd be at night too.

Chen Chow said...

Yes, Singapore F1 will be held at night, and in fact, the race in Singapore is very popular. The tickets are sold like hot cakes, although the cheapest ones are $168!