Monday, March 24, 2008

Morning at FRIM

This morning, thanks to Mean Yeit and Teng Yan, we went to Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong to have a good relaxation.

We went on a stroll (not really a stroll though, since it is a little hilly too),and then we ascend up towards the Canopy Walk (which is essentially the Suspension Bridge). It is about 20 minutes climb up, but I had to stop for a while due to my stamina. Thanks Mean Yeit and Teng Yan for encouraging me and waiting for me.

It is definitely breath-takingly beautiful on top, with a scenery of Kepong and other surrounding areas. We can even see Twin Tower, Menara TM, KL Tower etc in the far, but it is not too clear.

The Canopy Walk is kind of interesting, where we have to walk slowly through, and it is really shaking. It is the scariest Suspension Bridge I have walked through before (a lot more scarier than the one at Sunway Lagoon). But the view is definitely worth it. Looking at tons of those greenery!

To those of you who haven't been, do try and head out there! You won't regret! To get to FRIM, you can go via MRR2.

After that, we went to Malay Tea House, located within FRIM as well, for a sampling of vary nice tea. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9:30am to 6:30pm. It is located within a Malay Kampung house, very well decorated. You can even play Chongkak inside, with some local delicacy. They can even arrange for traditional performances if needed.

For reservation for functions at Malay Tea House, you could contact Safinah Yaakob at or call 03-62803503 or 03-62803506. You could fax at 03-62803607.

Among the tea that they sold include Dukung Anak, Daun Serai, Daun Limau Purut, Peria, Daun Misai Kucing, Daun Hempedu Bumi, Daun Pegaga, Daun Jambu, Daun Ulam Raja, Daun Selom, Beremi, Daun Asam Paya, Daun Emas Cotek, Daun Kesum, Asam Gelugor, Selaseh Hitam, Lemuni. Some of these tea are made from FRIM research.

They are setting up a branch at Central Market too, and it would be open soon. However, for the ambience within the forest, the one at FRIM is still nicer.
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